Recovering payment via Paypal

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Just had my first item that I paid for via paypal go to a dispute as the item was not received. Just really wanted to let others know that the final stage read that if the seller hadnt replied within 10 days the dispute went in my favour, great or so I thought. Yes I got the email from paypal to confirm that it had gone in my favour however refund of £4.99 instead of £19.99 which I must say was very disappointed with. On going into my paypal account to view the case it reads "We attempted to process a refund from the seller's account to your account. Unfortunately, the seller's account does not contain the funds necessary to cover this refund. We were able to recover £4.99 GBP. We have taken action against the seller and are working to recover the remainder of your refund. We will contact you when we have more information. No further action is required of you at this time".
So I now have to wait for them to try and recover the rest of my money, thought under the buyer protection that I would get a full refund, how wrong can you be and the protection scheme that they run seems to me very very flawed at present. How much money is paypal making in profit that they cannot honour mishaps like this?  Seller has firstly made his feedback private as negatives started arriving and now is stated as no longer a registered user so how much has he taken from honest ebayers and folded up his little empire! Beware of that buyer protection scheme, doesnt always appear as you think.
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