Red Mite in poultry

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Red mite are persistent critters. I had a huge infestation in 3 huts this summer and lost a small bird to them. Poultry Shield seemed useless so I bought a creosote substitute from B+Q and sprayed (undiluted) all the huts inside + out. I watched the critters emerge in droves and die - joy! I aired the huts in the sunshine all day and the chickens were fine to go back in that evening. I now use Diatom powder every time I clean the huts out (from - it breaks down their shells so they die - and also managed to track down Duramitex liquid off the internet (which my vet recommended and is used in the main for red mite in pigeons) to spray the huts monthly with. I've since found out it is no longer licensed for sale so Deosect I hear is a good substitute. However, I still find the odd red mite on the perches after dark, but am now on top of it at last. I pity anyone who gets them as they're rather difficult to eradicate completely.
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