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Well I have bought a suitcase from LP Store a German company and sadly all was good, the suitcase arrived very quickly and relatively good condition, all beit a dented bottom.  But what was really upsetting is the fact they charge me more than the final winning fee.  Now this was only by £1.02 but its not the point, if that happens to every customer they are making quite a lot of money!

I decided to contact them and was quoted their part on their advert about charges from euros, which is misleading as it does not state that you may be charged more due to the exchange rate and how can they charge you in british pounds and then take more in euros.  Even ebay agreed they charged too much!

I tried to sort this out with the company, only to be insulted and spoken to with little respect.  It is currently being dealt with by ebay and paypal, I will let you know the outcome.

I did feel a little petty but its the principle and it is my money whether it is 1p or £100 and it seems I am not the only one it happened too.  Do we have to shut up and put up just because it is a small amount?...why should anyone when it is your own hard earned money?

Watch this space...
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