Redolz\LP & Princess Peer

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I bid on 3 seperate items which I won, then put in a buy it now bid on the 4th item.    I bid for the cheapest case and bid £25.   2 days later my bid was accepted, however they say it was for the 4 piece set and that I had bid £99!!    I know for sure that this was not so.   I sent 'Princess' an e-mail but was told, tough, take it up with e-bay.   Still waiting for their reply.   As I need these items for a fast approaching trip I thought the best thing to do would be to pay up and then re-sell the set at a later date.    This I did through Pay Pal.    I now see from the 'total price paid' column of My Ebay that when you add my winning bid together with the postage of £7.90 per item, I have actually paid £17.42 ON TOP of that figure per item - hence a winning bid of £31 came to a total charge of approx £56!!

Now this figure of £17.42 was applied to each item, even though the winning bids range from £31 to £99 plus postage so this is in no way a proportionate amount for currency exchange.    I raised a query with Pay Pal as to why these extra sums were paid from my account 4 times, and all they said was it did not meet their criteria for Fraud!!

I am still awaiting the arrival of these very expensive items and would suggest that you are very wary when bidding and making a buy it now offer.   Something is seriously wrong here.
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