Reduce Fuel Consumption With Custom Gearboxes

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Improve Performance and Reduce Fuel Consumption With Custom Gearboxes and Gearbox Parts

The cost of operating and maintaining a car is something that is never ending. For this reason, many people look for ways to improve the performance of their vehicles and reduce their fuel consumption. This ensures that the car runs better and that petrol costs overall remain low. One way to do this is by installing a custom gearbox in a car. The gearbox converts the energy from the engine to usable energy that allows the wheels to turn.

Building a custom gearbox means that the driver has complete control over when the gear shift and how the power is distributed. Before purchasing a custom gearbox, shoppers should take the time to learn what a gearbox is, how the gearbox affects the performance of a car, and what types of gearboxes are available. Once shoppers are ready to purchase custom gearboxes, they can find everything that they need on eBay..

What Is a Gearbox?

A gearbox is a term that is used interchangeably with the word 'transmission'. It is a component of the car that consists of gears and gear trains, and it functions to change the speed-torque ratio in a vehicle. It manages a series of gear ratios within a transmission, and in a custom gearbox, these ratios are adjusted to achieve maximum performance.

Types of Gearboxes

Just as there are different types of cars and different types of engines, there are also different types of gearboxes.. The type of gearbox used in a car is related to the type of transmission the car has. When searching for a custom gearbox for a car, it is important that it is the right type otherwise the cost to make changes may be higher than the shopper intended. The three main types of gearboxes found in cars are manual, automatic, and manumatic gearboxes.

Manual Gearbox

Manual gearboxes are fuel efficient and cost less than other types of gearboxes. These types of gearboxes use a clutch to shift gears. The driver controls when the gears are shifted, and the driver makes the decision of when to switch based on the speed of the vehicle. Lower gears are used to pick up speed and higher gears are used to maintain speed and increase fuel efficiency.

Automatic Gearbox

An automatic gearbox in a car does all of the work on its own. The driver does not have to use a clutch to switch gears as the gearbox determines when to shift gears based on torque conversion. These gearboxes are more expensive than manual gearboxes because they are more complex. On the other hand, they are also easier to use.

Manumatic Gearbox

A manumatic transmission is a combination of the above two types of gearboxes. This type of gearbox is much less common than the others. Manumatic gearboxes are considered automatic gearboxes, but drivers can override the automatic gears and switch to manual mode. These gearboxes give drivers control over their gearboxes when they need it. Those shopping for custom gearboxes might consider this type of gear box because it gives them the best of both types.

Gearbox Parts

Though there are different types of gearboxes, they are composed of the same basic parts. All of these parts work together to deliver maximum power from the engine to ensure that the car moves forward smoothly. The main parts of a gearbox are listed and described in the table below.



Gear Selector

Also known as a gear shift; allows the driver to select the gear based on the RPMs


Device that controls how the gear selector is moved so that the driver can put it in its proper position


Engages the gear that is selected by the driver

Dog Teeth

Creates a connection between the collar and the gear; secures them in place

Gear Set

Rotating components that work together to create the desired RPM

Most of the parts of a gearbox deal with changing and engaging gears. The gears themselves are a series of rotating components of different sizes that work together to engage the engine and transmission. These parts rotate at different rates depending on the gear that the driver selects. This rate is known as the gear ratio. People who have custom gearboxes can adjust the gear ratio to match their needs.

Benefits of a Custom Gearbox

There are several benefits to buying and installing a custom gearbox in a car. The main benefits are that they improve fuel economy and allow drivers to shift gears faster and more efficiently. Drivers who purchase custom gearboxes can also determine how many gears they wish to have. This allows them to have more control over the speed and performance of their vehicles while driving.

Fuel Economy

The higher gears are known to use less fuel than the lower gears, so higher gear ratios are more fuel efficient than low gear ratios. By adjusting the speeds and RPMs at which the driver can shift to a higher gear, drivers are able to reduce fuel consumption. The reason for this is that higher RPMs mean that more fuel is being used. When drivers shift to higher gears, the RPMs are lowered. Additionally, custom gearboxes can be tweaked to run higher so that they use less fuel. This is only true for manual or manumatic gearboxes, though. With an automatic transmission, the driver does not control when the gears are shifted. This means that the driver needs to know precisely at which speeds and RPMs the car shifts.

Shifting Gears

Custom-built gearboxes make it easier to shift gears and also allows drivers to shift gears faster. This is because the driver decides what the gear ratio is and does not have to settle for the stock ratio provided in a new or rebuilt transmission. This allows the driver to have control over when the gears shift. Additionally, the driver can feel more comfortable with shifting times. If the driver is more comfortable, he is better able to determine when it is time to switch. This also helps with fuel consumption, because the driver is more likely to shift to a higher gear sooner.

Choosing Gearboxes and Parts

Once shoppers learn about gearboxes, how they work, and how custom gearboxes can benefit them, they need to choose one that suits their needs. The gearbox should be the right size for the make and model of their vehicle. Additionally, it should be one that fits within the buyer's price range.


Gearboxes can be new, used, or remanufactured. Remanufactured gearboxes are those that were previously used or faulty and have been rebuilt to working condition. These gearboxes are like new and usually in very good condition. Used gearboxes have not been rebuilt and have likely just been removed from a car. When shopping for a gearbox, it is important to inspect it to ensure that there is no significant damage or signs of wear. If the gearbox does show signs of damage, then the shopper may end up spending more to rebuild and replace parts than the gearbox is worth.


Custom gearboxes can be more expensive than others. For this reason, shoppers must be careful when shopping to ensure that they do not spend more than they need to. Remanufactured gearboxes are like new and are much cheaper than brand new gearboxes Unless the car owner knows how to adjust the gears, he needs to factor in the cost of having these adjusted by a professional. This ensures that the shopper does not go over the budget.


The gearbox or transmission of a car is essential for shifting gears and distributing the energy from the engine to the wheels so that the car can move. Some cars are more efficient than others when it comes to fuel consumption, and some have a better performance than others. People who want their cars to perform at top level may consider installing a custom gearbox in their cars. A custom gearbox allows a driver to control the RPMs of a car so that he can handle the car more easily while making it more fuel efficient in the process.

Learning about how a gearbox works and how a custom gearbox can improve a car's performance makes it easier for shoppers to find the one that best meets their driving needs. Shopping for a custom gearbox is made easy on eBay, where shoppers have the ability to compare prices for different gearboxes to find the best deals then have them shipped directly to their homes.

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