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Just a quick note ( no longer quick, as I've added to it.... smiles...  Got a little carried away ) and I've added a little more after contacting a few people and researching online 11.03.12

 Ref:: elaine.king79 review of natwest pig and fake items.

My attention has just been drawn to the collectors market.after being contacted with regard to my own Officially produced guilded Sir Nat.Without advertising.

After Searching the internet, I came across various items and sites, including reviews here on ebay. I had to write something after reading Elaine's review regarding The Gold and White Sir Nats as It is not really correct. The Dotted bow tie Gold Sir Nat I have not seen, but have seen dotted bow tied Sir Nats in Deep cobalt. They were trials and smashed when rejected.
This review / guide is of no detriment to Elaine's review, but more focused on a specific Gold Sir Nats and why a Few White Sir Nats are out there.

I May endevour to write or rewrite given the chance, with a better recollection and description of events for anyone interested, time permitting.
I can only describe what I know for any persons interested.

The reason I have wrote this, was for the protection of  the true collectors and hopefully help put and end to some of the fraudulant pieces being traded or made..
Also protecting my interest as an owner of a piece of Natwest and Wade history.
I Doubt there are many staff left at Wade who recollect this period of production and these particular pieces, having retired etc. There maybe 1 memeber of staff  left  to my knowledge there, who may recall the production of the true guilded Sir Nats ( not sure if still working there ), but I feel they may not be able to comment.
That being said I still have a little contact with certain staff who actually produced some of the pieces physically. My pig is one that was produced by instruction of the managing director of that time and endorsed for a special event. I'm not able to name here without consent of the other person, but those who are interested in Wade's history will know who this person / persons were anyway.

This guide is more in reference to Natwest gold Sir Nat pigs manufactured by Wade ceramics ( George Wade / Greenhead site )

As an ex employee of Wades and having worked on the natwest pigs including product developement and some of the pigs in question.. I Am most certainly aware of some quantity and where and when ( not actual time and date of the items,but sure I could get close by finding old photgraphs and press cuttings from the 80's ) items were produced, including many of the rare items seen on the collectors market today.

I was gifted one of the first ever produced Official and Authorized 22crt Guilded Gold Sir Nats by management and Director endorsed ( Very Lucky and Thankful ) and of my knowledge. I recall only 5 made. They were produced for a special event / presentation and those in the know... will know the exact facts. I Most certainly have 100%  proof of the existence of 3 of the 5 and their authenticity, plus when they were roughly sold by their original owner ( I know one of  them to be in a damaged condition,all where pre owned by ex Wade employees, apart from one (*** see amendment ), that I recall ).
*** Amendment... after a little hunting and a few phone calls, it appears 2 Gold pigs were used for the special event, which leaves the question were there 6 Gold pigs produced in total or my knowledge of one possible owner incorrect. I Know I helped to see through 5 Gold pigs, so if a 6th was produced... I'm unaware of a firing. I Personally believe that there are only to be 5 in circulation... and as stated before... one I Know was damaged.

I Can also say with confidence that the Gold Sir Nat I own must be one of the better examples ( I Will try to publish something online somewhere at some point ) out there, having never being displayed and still in its guilding protective cloth, of course depending on the condition and how well looked after the 4th and 5th pieces, that I've not managed to trace are. I Believe I know who the possible 4th owner was, but have no contact to confirm and it was rumoured to me that they had sold the piece some years ago.*** see amendment.
My own pig is now with my solicitor after being approached for it's sale. As stated previous. I have not advertised this item for sale.
The only thing I published on this item was many years ago on a wade collectors message board under the name of Ed., Just generally to find out what it's value might be at that time..
Should I ever in time, wish to sell private or at auction, I have even considered the Stoke on Trent City Arts Museum.or contacting Natwest PLC for archiving and protection. Its a mint, unique piece and I would hate for it to fall into the wrong hands and unprotected.
I'm very honoured and fortunate to own and now that I have seen and heard many a rumor, I felt compelled to write a little something with regard to these items. For me, this has always been the nearest thing I have owned, that I wished to keep as an heirloom for my daughter, it has a lot of sentimental value I've never thought to part with it, unlike others have done.
To many it wouldnt mean a thing and no fraudster would ever truly be able to replicate. The batch and quality of the gold used on the original items I'm sure would be impossible to match perfectly and a ceramic research team would be able to analyze the gold.and authenticate if genuine or not.
That would put a spanner in the works of any fraudulant pieces.

Since being contacted, I Have enjoyed my renewed interest in pottery and been amazed at the dedication of certain collectors. Some may say its bonkers... it's art at the end of the the day for those who really observe.... of course its money and earning a living to manufacturer and worker... but it is still art based... and if you enjoy it.. thats all that matters. Some of those who made investments in the ceramic collectable will reap the rewards in years to come. Maybe not always in our life time, but in your children and childrens, children.

I have also only just  discovered some points of interest and mysteries regarding rare items including White Sir Nats... prototypes, colour and glazed sample tests,of which I have many details from personal experience. How some of these items made it from the rubbish tip, I will never know... well I probably would know actually.
I'm Suprised to find that  Wades has no explaination ( unless I missed it, Still researching ) for the White Sir Nat as I remember a few very well and I'm sorry to say to collectors, that there will I'm sure be a couple of other authentic white Sir Nats out there... I won't go into full detail here, but may make contact with interested parties in the future. White Sir Nats could be tested to be a geniune Wade piece by their Glaze and Vit quality, i'm sure and fraudulent copies shouldnt be hard to spot. I Wouldnt recommend buying online unless the seller has full details of aquirement ( No White Sir Nats in my knowledge were ever offically released by Wades and if so, would of had to be commissioned by Natwest. I could write here how and why I know some to exist, but I felt that would only feed the fraudster, ***Now that I've thought about a little more, I believe it will help detect and give insight to quantity really out there, for those looking to purchase such an item.
*** Amendment   Just to make things a bit clearer after hitting a few website... All white Sir Nats and variations are products basically of theft ( not a nice word as I know most workers at Wade were very trustworthy good people and better judgement and geniune liking of an item got the better of them ). However I do know that a couple of items which were created... The White Tux black trousers variants, that were sitting on a certain mangers desk for some time, innocently left the factory by permission of the then Works manager ( Can not name here ) when a certain family memember of staff asked if they could have the samples to take home, not ever thinking they would be valuble at the time... more because they liked them.

The All white Sir Nats pig with the pig pink of the feet riding up over the trouser seam, were products of a mistake by a glazer. I will tell part of what I know here. I would of liked to contact Wades out of  courtesy to see if they were ok for me to tell what I know, time permitting... who knows, but basically Wade were not at fault, certain opportunist, on the shop floor managed to take a few before all items were smashed on the tip after attempts were made to save the batch.. There won't be many and if you do purchase such for collection and you want the genuine thing... I suggest you get the piece analyzed. Wades porcelain clay, glazes and firing will be far superior to any fraudulant  imitations.
Good luck to all collector out there.. I most certainly miss the potteries and people at Wades.
I Hope this small guide has been helpful and of interest to you.. I'm unsure if feedback can be written in reply to guides etc as this is the first time I've posted on ebay.
A Devoted ex Wade employee
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