Referal system for a free nintendo ds or other console

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Often consoles such as a Nintendo Ds Lite can appear on ebay listings as free.  These consoles are given away by websites who have partners seeking customers to try out their services. This works in a similar way to pyramid scheme. One person refers 6 people who then refer another 6 people and so on and on. It is completely legal and legitimate.

To get a free console a user registers with the website and participates in one of the offers. These offers range from buying credits to an online casino to signing up for a free trial for dvd rental services. Once the trial is finished the user is under no obligation to continue and can cancel at anytime.   The user  then refers 6 other people to the service and once they have completed there trial the Nintendo Ds is sent to the original user.

This works because the company offering the free trial pays the console website a fee in exchange for the referral. Their hope is that people will continue with the service once the trial has run out. The idea is that the referrals will make the company more money than the cost of the console. One such company can be found at: 

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