Reference Posting Vinyl {NOT 78rpm Shellac!!}

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PLEASE,when Posting Records,not only is it better to use Mailers and Stiffeners,but also to send the Discs OUTSIDE ORIGINAL COMPANY/PICTURE SLEEVES.It's always much better to place the discs in an 'old' or discarded Sleeve,7" or 12",as so many Sleeves are ruined by the sharp edges on an awful lot of discs,shearing and slicing the edges of sleeves.Even when I ask that this is done,too many sellers are not doing as asked.It can,and all too often does,cause NEGATIVE feedback to be left,or a REFUND being asked for.

In the UK,ONE LP is usually around £1.69 for 1rst Class Postage~and it's approx.60p more for RECORDED DELIVERY~so,if a specially bought Card Mailer,a Stiffener and a Polythene sleeve are used?~add the costs for one individual Item of each for the ONE LP as an instance~this adds up to 76p for all three Mailers for each LP.This always curtails,and on my Site,it has completely erradicated,refunds or Returns for LP's or 7" Items.I offer a £2.95 P&P for ONE LP sent Via 1rst Class Mail.The balance covers the costs of Pens,Markers,Airmail Stickers,my 'business' stickers etc.

A lot of sellers,rightly so,attempt to keep the P&P costs down,and there's nothing basically wrong with that,but,it can be costly in terms of having to refund an Item when the Sleeve is sliced by the Disc.A lot of sellers also state:"I will only refund the cost of the Item,not the P&P either way".

Why should a BUYER pay for a sellers mistake?.

I give a 100% refund for any Item I mis-state the condition of,which is VERY rare incidentally,to include their P&P,but NOT for any return Postage.Even Paypal and Escrow services say the same on that.I would ask other sellers to consider the same?.It makes for a good EBAY/BUYER relationship,and gives confidence to these same buyers.If the Item is,significantly,not as described,then the buyer is due a 100% refund in any case,aren't they?.EBAY ID westhighlandscotty .Enjoy EBAY for your selling and buying, Murray

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