Refillable Ink Cartridges

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I have been using refillable ink cartridges for years now and let me tell you it saves me alot of money compare to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Cartridges
You bought that printer and as soon you came to buy new cartridges you realized how expensive the branded cartridges.In some cases the brand new printer actually cost less than 10 set of original cartridge
According the study by the Consumer Association's Which? magazine the printer manufacturer's are ripping off customers by overcharging them for printer cartridges
No wonder most of us looking to find a cheaper solution to save our hardly earned £ and after doing some research we come across the ciss systems ,compatible ink cartridges or refillable ink cartridges
Few things need to be pointed out and here is my advice for using refillable ink cartridges
Refillable cartridges are coming with different microchips ,these cartridges are equipped with ARC (Aut Reset Chips)these chips require resetting before using them and after refilling the cartridges
For resetting the cartridges please follow these steps
Turn off your printer,Insert ALL the refillable ink cartridges (Please follow the color code and check the cartridge numbers,press gently the cartridge until you hear the "Click")Wait one minute and turn on your printer again.In case your printer dont recognize the cartridges repeat this process .Please dont touch the surface of the microchip ,it can become static.
Please do not wait until your cartridge completely run out .Once they empty the ink could start to dry and may clog the nozzle of your printer.
Many times people asking "Using Refillable Ink cartridges void the OEM warranty on the printer?
Thats absolutely not true .It is your right to choose your own supplies and is illegal for the printer manufacturer to require you to use any particular brand off supplies.They cannot void your warranty unless they can prove that other brands of supplies will damage the printer.The OEM can recommend a specific printer supplier,however the not allowed to enforce you to use their product.
When you purchasing the cartridges please carefully select your supplier.There are several manufacturers out there and most of them dont meet the specification by the OEM manufacturer.
Please check the vendor's feedback and check the ink are meeting the ISO quality management standard.These inks are formulated and tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure the highest quality.
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