Reflection on Fake RayBans

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So you've applied all the good advice on spotting fake RayBans and decided to submit your bid.  You won the auction.  No surprise, given you were the only bidder.  Ten days later your sunglasses arrive in the mail.  You eagerly unpackage them.  They look good.  The weight feels good.  The metal frame has the right finish.  They have all the hallmarks and stampings of the real deal.  Yet something still doesn't feel quite right.  You try them on and immediately it is clear that you've been taken.

So how do you know your glasses are fake, despite everything looking spot on?  The inner surface of the lenses.  Genuine RayBans have an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface of the lens, a critical - and expensive - step in the process that the knock-offs don't bother with.  The giveaway: you can see the nosepieces reflected on the inner surface of the lens when you are wearing the glasses.  It should be noted that all glasses will produce some reflection under certain unique situations, but fake (or just plain low quality) glasses will show dramatic reflection under any lighting or positional circumstances.

This information may not help you to avoid buying fakes, especially the better ones.  But it may help you determine whether to place a hold on that payment to the seller, and what kind of feedback to leave.  In most cases it's the feedback (or lack of negative feedback) that the counterfeiter is after.  It is common practice that they offer to let you keep the merchandise and return your money if you agree in turn not to leave negative feedback.  They may call it customer service, but the reality is that the few dollars or pounds they might have made from you is insignificant compared to all the money they stand to make with a 100% positive rating.  It only takes one negative response containing the word "fake" or "counterfeit" to effectively shut these operators down.

So be careful.  Do your due diligence before and after the purchase.  And if you're certain you have a fake or counterfeit item on your hands, report it and leave appropriate feedback for the seller.

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