Refunds From Royal Mail

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Has Royal Mail lost your item? Did you make a claim and not get all your costs back? Here's what to do.

A while ago, Royal Mail lost one of my packages, which meant I had to make a refund to my customer. I claimed the amount I had to refund, and when the cheque finally arrived. Royal Mail had just refunded the hammer price and the actual postage paid, leaving me out of pocket.

When I complained to the customer service department, I got a letter back informing me that legally they were only obliged to return what they did.

Well as it happens, this particular 'service' operative got it wrong. I have it directly from head office, that the "Royal Mail policy is to try and put the customer in the position they were before the item was lost, posting packing and the cost price of the item up to the maximum compensation for the service used"

So if they short change you, write back to them (using their own Freepost address), quote the policy statement above and refer them to

Deborah Warren-Griffiths

5th Floor, 148 Old Street, London EC1V 9HQ.

If you then don't get satisfaction, write to Deborah and tell her the name of the stroppy clerk.

So in conclusion, you are entitled to the full refund of whatever you received for the item. Both the hammer price and whatever you actually paid in post are irrelevant, and Royal Mail only ask for these bits of data because they are easy to record. (classic large company systems mis-design)

By the way. Royal Mail and the post office are two different entities. Royal Mail gets most of the money, and the Post Office has to operate (and pay for) ALL the day to day customer facing work, which is why the Post Office loses a fortune, and Royal Mail makes a mint.

Hope this helps  

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