Refunds of postage and packaging cost on faulty items

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What a scam ebay/and other online business entries are trying to enforce on us { most are overseas companies who think they are above thre law} until the buying public stand up to these companies we will never move forward, if you return a faulty item to any online retailer they have to pay your postage and packaging cost i would go as far to say that jiffy bags, car park charges and your time are relevant to an over all cost of returning a faulty item, in my experiance make sure that cost is over £10.
Repeated emails from the sellers saying " we dont cover postage costs" is rubbish ask for any conditions that are viewable at the point of sale ie, on a ebay/or other  sellerers page you viewed to purchase the item in the first place{ take a snap shot either on your mobile or by bookmarking} they might want to quickly change things, by not showing this is your way to getting your postage refunded even if it was 6 months ago bombard the sales, customer service or any ebay/ or other, keep emailing DONT GIVE UP to get a message to them, most bad business sellers even if they are highly rated by ebay/ other hide all there contact details very well , remember ebay/other cannot withhold a sellers details from you and the same for Paypal infact Paypal normally give you all the details you need when you explain things.
Main points you have purchased a faulty item not your fault and maybe not theres if a mass import from China they dont check them all thats for sure, You should not be out of pocket over a faulty item as far as i am aware thats the law.
Legal people please confirm this as offten as you can.
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