Reg Krays Book of Slang

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This is more of a dictionary rather than a book, and it is quite small in size, but its contents make up for that. it also contains very interesting poetery aswell.  the RRP price on the back of the hardback edition is £4.99.  the paper back edition is i believe is alot more rare than the hardback although the hardback edition is also very rare and hard to obtain at a reasonable price.  to give a brief and random example of its contents
Aristotle.    Bottle.   Brown Bread.    Dead.   Box of Toys.   Noise  Four by Two.    Jew.  Hamstead Heath.   Teeth.
then the book covers American slang aswell as criminal slang.  overall i was surprised by its contents as it is definatly an unusual little book, but it will become more rare and valuble as time goes by so if you can get one at good enough value go for it if you are interested in it and if you have read this far you obviously are interested in buying the book, so go and pick up a copy.

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