Remember you bid to buy not view?

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Being an ebay member for a few years i have trawled through what must be thousands of listings and a phrase that is used frequently within caravan listings is 'YOU BID TO BUY NOT VIEW'  I remember my first caravan i bort off ebay and that listing contained the famous words, I was fortunate enough to have won  an accurateley described caravan but i remember on the way there how i felt should the caravan turn out to be a shed and how i would deal with it. 

Dont feel intimidated or feel obligated to buy any item that you feel has not been fairly or honestly described, the onus is on the seller to describe items accuratley and not to mislead, Obviously i am not saying everyone who puts these words in thier listings are being anything less than honest but if your thinking of buying your first caravan and know very lttle about them then take someone with you that does know a thing or two before parting with your hard earned cash.

My advice? simple...if its not as described then walk away you will not be legally required to buy.



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