Remote Control Aeroplane

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Guide for the 2ch remote control aeroplane beginner.

If you have just bought a beginners 2ch aeroplane and are having difficulty controlling it. For your information, most of these type of planes are designed to turn slowly to the left if nothing other than the throttle stick is used.

The mistake the beginner makes is to hold the right (directional control) stick over in the opposite direction of the flight path to correct it which very often results in over compensation and ultimately a crash.

You will find controlling the aeroplane for the first time (if you've never flown one before) much easier if you 'TWITCH' the right turning stick until you are used to the reaction you get from it.

It is also a good idea to let the throttle off to about half or so once you have attained the height you want, this will prolong the flight time. These models will also glide well with full control when the power is turned off altogether.

Always take-off and land into the wind.

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