Remotely Accessing your PC from Home

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Since the creation of the Internet and introduction of PC Anywhere, it's now possible and reasonably easy to access your Home PC from anywhere in the World. Now some products allow you to view your computer via a web Browser. Here are a few popular offerings. Keep in mind the security aspects at all time when using any of these products, such as making your password  not very easy to guess. Also, I strongly recommend the use of a firewall either software based or hardware (Many Broadband routers and firewalls include this capability)

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection
(bundle with Microsoft XP (Home Premium and Professional), and Vista (Business, Ultimate and Home Premium)
The remote Desktop connection is a client program that you can use to access your home PC form anywhere over the Internet
As with all Remote connection software, you'll need to  set-up you home PC first. XP and Vista includes a cut-down version of the IIS  web server, to allow your PC to be remotely accessed. Once this is set-up, your ready to go with your RDC client, which works very well so long as your using Broadband  -  through user experience, a connection of at least 4MB is very usable
For more information on how to set this up, please refer to: The ExpertZone linke on the XP Page of Microsoft's website

Symantec's PC Anywhere (Windows, Mac, Linux, PocketPC)
PC Anywhere was the first commercial remote control program, using a client-server model (i.e. it had to be set-up on your home PC as a server). This avoids the potential pitfalls of using the well know IIS web server (as such needs to be updated\patched  as frequent as possible) but it is a commercial product
Unlike VNC,  below Symantec uses 140 and 256 bit encryption making it viable fore the most secure of environments, and, crucially it sends it's authentication in encrypted form.

VNC (Windows and  Linux)
VNC is a free  remote control and View product, which like Symantec and unlike Microsoft, allows cross-platform connectivity. As VNC is actually a Protocol, there are many few version of programs that use it including realVNC and Tight VNC
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