Remove Superglue spots from LCD screen

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While working on a electronic DIY project the other day, I had a small mishap with a tube of superglue.
Some glue exploded out of the tube when I tried to unblock the god-forsaken thing.

When I came to clean my screen a few days later because two small spots were driving me nuts, I realised what it was.
After panicking, and Googling to find a way to remove the spots, and finding nothing I really wanted to try, I decided to try something, before I threw myself out my window!
First switch the screen off!

Then I applied a small amount of water, mixed with baby bath to the area where the spot was (the diluted baby bath seems to clean my screen pretty good), then using the edge of a CD, I very gently kept running it over the area of the spot. Pretend you are using a wood chisel, and you get my idea on how I used and held the CD. But I stress, gentle

Keep repeating this, and re-apply more water to the area(with a cloth) if it gets dry.
Have paitence, and the small spot of superglue should prise off from the surface, leaving no marks on the screen.
I did this with the two small superglue spots on my beloved screen, and it is now good as new.
It took me around 15 minutes to ping them off the screen.
I am chuffed my infrared headtracking project worked (Freetrack), but next time I will be using Superglue well away from my LCD screen!!
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