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Removing Shiply from Ebay is easy when you know how.

I am probably not the first to write this guide but i will do it anyway to help those that are fed up with Shiply postage ad in your listing. (see note at bottom after reading this guide)

*Hover your mouse pointer over the Account tab to see a drop down menu.
*Select Site Preferences from the drop down menu.
* Scroll down to the general preferences section. Click on the 'Show' link to the extreme right side of the option 'Third party authorisations'.
* You will see a list of all third-party applications that you have allowed to perform certain actions on eBay on your behalf.
*Cheque on the box 'Revoke this authorisation' besides the Shiply option and click on Apply


This guide will prevent Shiply from appearing in your future listings.....if you want to remove it from listings that are already active click revise item and simply highlight the whole ad in the description and hit the delete key....then scroll to bottom and submit, then continue....Done!

Be aware that you added Shiply by HTML so if after deleting the Shiply ad you find a piece remaining such as small text or a blue symbol that shouldn't be there then you need to click on HTML at the top of item description and check that there is nothing left of Shiply(especially the word install or installer)

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