Removing bugs from your Old Mohair Bears...

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If you have just adopted an old teddy bear mohair or plush it may be wise to take some precautions before putting it into your existing bear hug.

Only if you are completely certain of the bear’s previous home then you will probably be all right, if not it might pay to be careful and put the bear into isolation for a while.

Old fillings and fur can harbour pests and diseases so make sure that you do your best to destroy these before letting it near your bear hug or your children!

This is the method i have used in the past and although it sounds unkind it is sometimes very necessary to fumigate the new old bear.

First find two plastic bags, big enough to take your bear and close easily.

Wear gloves and a protective face mask. It is safer to do this outdoors.

Liberally coat the inside of one bag with a “fly and bug” killer spray. Leave to dry - completely. When dry, put your teddy inside the bag and seal tightly. Leave to one side for about 14 days.

After 14 days to make completely sure of killing every kind of pest, put your bag with the teddy INSIDE the second plastic bag and seal that one too. Place the sealed bear inside your freezer for about 14 days.

14 days later release teddy from the bags and dispose of the bags carefully.

Allow teddy to thaw in a warm dry airy place, don’t rush this bit - it may take quite a while to completely dry teddy inside as well as out.

When dry, give your HEALTHY teddy a good brush.

The above is information is given to the best of my knowledge, I have used this process myself. However I can take no responsibilty for damage to your bears if in doubt take it to an expert.

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