Renault Keys

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Renauly Keys

Before Buying a second hand key or card read the following,

Renault not starting?
Ask your self this,

Is your Imobliser not working?

Please read the following.

The "Imobilser" and "Central Locking" are separate on Renaults (two differnt things completly)

Please read the above sentance again and understand.

"Two completly differnt things"

On a "used" key the
Central locking "can" be reprogramed
The imobliser "cant" be reprogramed 

 Unless some more knowlagble ebayer can enlighten me otherwise

If you are thinking of buying a replacement key for your Renault
Dont buy "second hand" Renault key Plips / Blips or Cards (ie Laguna Key Cards)

They can not be reprogramed or reset, they wont work, so dont do it, you have been warned.

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