Repacking principle of the sound appliances in the car

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Repacking principle of the sound appliances in the car

First, output principle of high-power:
Namely in a set of stereo system, the output power that host computer or the work put must be great, because the bigger their output power is, demonstrate that the bigger the linear range of audio frequency that they can control is, the stronger the ability to drive the loudspeaker is. And little work of power set free not merely apt to cause sound distorted, can lead to the fact burn work setting free or loudspeaker coil even more, the big strength of flower can not get the ideal music result in the end.

Second, balanced principle of price of performance:
No matter large-scale system or original car system of system of sound appliances in the car, it is a key how to match ingeniously. It will often receive 20%-30% higher than the apparatus even result of more than one time to cooperate well. Otherwise, it is one pile of wastes. So while choosing the apparatus , don't fail to match according to every brand , performance , realize strongly that unites strongly.

Third, playback principle with natural tone quality:

The so-called playback means that music and original music broadcast out do not change much. An important index when the tone quality is appraised is the smoothness of the loud curve frequently . The smoothness of the curve refers to the loud size of sound of each compass, the sound of each compass is unanimous , the better the smoothness of its curve is all right , level and smooth, the better the seeing and hearing result is.



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