Repairing / Replacing Renault Card Keys

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Rule # 1

DO NOT buy a secondhand card, they are vehicle / VIN specific, cannot be reprogrammed and will definitely NOT WORK!

Most sellers either don't know this or just don't tell you???

Rule # 2

Do not pay through the nose for repair information when the very same information is available for FREE! eBay will not allow inclusion of the link, but simply type 'Repair Renault Card Key' in your search engine and you will easily find a very informative step-by-step guide with photos.

With these cards costing in the region of £150 + around £50 for programming, having a go at DIY repair is worth a try. If you feel unable to take on the repair yourself, just give the instructions to someone who can handle a soldering iron.

If you fail to solve the problem, or don't want to attempt repair yourself, I would strongly advise using the following eBay seller: User ID: garydlb

This company offer a professional repair service for just £25 + £2 p&p inclusive. In the unlikely event that they can't repair it... They will give you your money back! They also have a website but again eBay will not permit inclusion of the link.

In conclusion I would simply say, these card keys are not one of Renault's best ideas, but they are certainly 'a nice little earner' for the dealers!!!

I sincerely hope the above information is of use to you, fed up seeing people continually ripped off!

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