Repairs and Spares?

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Most model railway collectors often look for spares to keep their model trains going and it also includes their Wrenn or Hornby-Dublo items. But it seems to be alarming that some Ebay retailers would go and buy a complete model train and dismantle it just to sell for spares.  That's why I see loads of chassises and bodies or tenders being sold in that fashion. Even so, this practise is worthless because what if these chassises themselves require repairing and remagnetisng or the screws are the wrong size and its completely ridiculous when you can find a specialist who can repair and provide spare parts for your own items so keep on looking. Furthermore, I seem to notice that retailers wouldn't dare try to dismantle a rare Bullied Spam Can or an unrebuilt LMS Royal Scot for spares as it is more costly and as a result of this, their owners should try and find a more reputable repairs and spares specialist.
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