Replace Nintendo DS Touchscreen

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If your Nintendo DS doent respond properly when you touch the bottom screen in games such as brain training or nintendogs and you cannot recalibrate it then your Touchscreen is probably faulty.  Replacement touchscreens can be purchased quite cheaply on ebay from UK suppliers and even cheaper from international sellers from China and Hong Kong.  If you have never opened a DS before you will need a Tri screwdriver and small cross screwdriver.  Again these can be purchased for a few pounds on ebay. 

The replacement Touchscreen will come with a protective cover on both sides which will need to be taken off before use.  I normally give it an extra clean as well with a soft cloth.  Once you have your touchscreen and screwdrivers you are ready to start.


  1. Remove the battery cover from the back and remove the battery.
  2. Remove the two Black tri screws from under the battery.
  3. Remove the remaining 5 Black screws from the back (note the one at the GBA slot)
  4. The back cover should now come off and reveal the main board of the DS.  At this point you may get a little scared.  If so put all the screws back in and choose my 19.99 auction - Only joking - its easy.
  5. Remove the 4 silver screws from the main board
  6. Carefully lift up the black latch at the right hand side where the ribbon cable from the bottom LCD is (it is hinged and should stay in place once it is released)
  7. Carefully pull the ribbon cable out of the slot
  8. Under the ribbon cable you will see a further two smaller ribbon cables (Bottom LCD backlight and top Touchscreen).  The black holder should slide towards the cable and release the cable.  Do this for both cables.
  9. Remove the ribbon cable at the top in a similar way to no 6.
  10. You should now be able to carefully remove the main board.
  11. Carefully lift out the LCD Screen.
  12. The touchscreen will be stuck to the LCD Screen.  Carefully prise them appart taking note of where the new one should sit.
  13. Carefully place the new touchscreen on top of the LCD screen (without leaving any fingerprints)
  14. Place the LCD and touchscreen back in the slot.
  15. Connect the top ribbon cable back onto the board (Remember it doubles back on itself)
  16. Slot the 3 LCD/Touchscreen Cables through the hole in the Main Board.
  17. Connect the 2 smaller ribbon cables to the main board
  18. Connect the larger ribbon cable back up
  19. Replace the 4 silver screws to hold the Main Board in place
  20. replace the back cover
  21. Replace the 7 black tri screws
  22. replace battery and battery cover
  23. switch on and test.
  24. Recalibrate the screen and test

Hopefully by this point your DS is still working.  If not check all the connections and try again.


Good luck.  If you found this guide helpfull please vote for it.



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