Replacement LCD Laptop Screen Buying Guide

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Replacement LCD Laptop Screen Buying Guide

A dead pixel or a small crack may be enough to force a laptop owner into changing a still operational LCD screen. Luckily, a replacement LCD laptop screen or monitor is not that expensive. Picking the right LCD is easy when you know how to assess the size and the compatibility of the replacement.


Screen Model and Laptop Model

The same screen model makes an obvious first choice when deciding on a replacement LCD screen. However, to locate the model number, owners have to access the back of the LCD monitor. Disassemble the frame, and check the back plate. It should have a printed number that designates the model. Those hesitant to remove parts before they have a replacement can use the laptop make and model to search for compatible monitors.


Panel Size and Resolution

In situations where the recommended LCD laptop screen replacement model is not available, buyers can try to match the size and the native resolution of the original. With so many different screens produced, it should not be too difficult to find an exact match. The LCD panel size ranges between 10 and 17 inches for a laptop and 1280x800 pixels is the most common native resolution. Smaller and older LCDs may have a 1024x768-pixel resolution, while high-end models can have a deep 1366x768-pixel native resolution.


Choosing Different Manufacturers

Samsung, AU Optronics, LG, and Sharp are all well-known manufacturers of LCD displays. No matter who produced the original, the candidate replacement can come from a different manufacturer.


Backlight and Physical Aspects

To ensure compatibility, buyers need to find an LCD that matches the physical aspects of the original. When it comes to backlight, LCD monitors use either LED or CCFL. Most of the current displays are LED, but an older laptop might be a CCFL. To determine backlight type, check the cabling that connects the LCD screen to the board. Screens with a single data cable use LEDs, while more means it uses CCFL. A laptop motherboard has only one type of connectors, so it is highly important that the replacement use the same ones. Pay attention to the number of pins on the connector, as they may appear similar.

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