Replacement speakers for BOSE 802 cabs

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I accept that some people will never see past 'genuine' Bose and that's fair enough but does not mean that non-Bose equipment has no place. In the same way as in the nightclub business, many DJs would not even consider using anything but Technics SL1200 turntables (designed as domestic hi-fi components) although there were many professional decks that started faster and maintained more accurate and stable speeds.

Bose 802 cabinets are decent enough speakers but are not at the zenith of sound quality as many believers claim. 

I used to install and maintain sound systems in all professional venues for decades. 

Many designers and installers took the easy options of specifying Bose speakers for every application as many people had/have the Bose designer label propaganda embedded in their minds. Now 4 x 802s are fine for some venues but for a 500 capacity nightclub? No!

I was in many of these clubs every week replacing drivers in 802 cabs and at £80 plus each it was getting ridiculous for most owners. I looked around for a cheaper alternative as most owners were so reluctant to admit that the original choice of cabinets was wrong. I sourced a quantity of drivers similar to the ones I now supply but these had 4 ohm impedance. They sounded great but the cabinets had to be re-wired to maintain an 8 ohm cabinet impedance. I eventually found a manufacturer to make drivers to my specification.

NOTE - the brief was for performance irrespective of price and the performance then came back with an unbelievable price.

My ebay feedback illustrates how well these drivers have been received by buyers. Most people buy a few to try them out and very soon buy more to refurbish the rest of their cabs. Buyers include professional vocalists / musicians, sound hire companies and a company that uses them in the manufacture of extremely high quality hi-fi cabinets.

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