Replacing & Testing Faulty Motherboards

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It seems good infomation as fallen on death ears!  despite all the info I have left on my site.  Some of you are still placing untested ancilary or saterlite components from your dead boards onto your replacement or new motherboard, and discovering the benefits from such a foolish act.  Also not taking responsibilty for your actions, then fallen pray to selective memory sydrome, and wanting to blame the seller for mistakes you have made and decissions you took that concluded with the descstruction of your purchase!

Well told you so!  There are ways to avoid this, A small investment could save a lot of bother and bad emails being sent to and from your seller!

  1. Buy yourself an PC Analyser Test Card.  All you need is a spare Pci slot, no ram or cpu required to test the board.
  2. Invest in a doner Motherboard, one that as the 100/133/266Fsb at least for older 370Mpga and Athlon/Duron boards.  You can test your components to see if they will post before committing to your Primary Motherbaord.
  3. Type your Motherbaord Model Number then support after in google or your preferred search engine, there are forums on most of these boards and they will have people who have built or building simular items, they can clue you up on whats, what!
  4. Another, main problem, Some builders have tried fitting an Athlon chip to a 370 board???. Pentium 4 on  370 board???. Sdram into a ddr Slot???Although you can put a 370 chip onto a 462 slot, will not work though!
  5. I will always try and give after sales support when I can, although this is not a service I am comitted to do, it's more to show good will and help you build easier and quicker, safer and smarter.
  6. Please don't blow your board up then emailing me. ???? telling me it does not work and it arrived that way! Please this as got to be the oldest and most widely use excuse on ebay. 
  7. All items are Tested prior to listing and despatching!  It's in my best interest to send you what I romise in the description, but please remember these are used items not new!
  8. The main cause of motherboard failure is the builder. The second is using dead or faulty components.
  9. Over-clocking for higher performance! causes board failure, or the board will not except the new perameters and will not boot.
  10. If you mess about in your motherboard bios, you are taking chances that may not be in your favour. If you do, then try to reboot and it will not,  remove the power cable from your motherboard, remove the battery, short the cmos header, this will reset the board back to the factory setup. if this doe not work try changing the bios chip, if it can be taken off, if not NEW BOARD!

Set the Fsb before trowing the power switch,Front side bus I.E 100,133,200,266,333Mhz. if your chip as a Fsb of 100mhz and you set the fsb at 133, it will boot post!THEN BURN UP! you will know when it happens, the smell is a dead give away, and it might pop as well.

Image showing PC Analyser Card and Card in spare PCI Slot!, These are sold on ebay for as little £3.99GP + P&P Or Postage FREE in some cases!


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