Replacing a screen on an Ipod 3Gs, 3g and Ipod Touch

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Replacing the screen on the Iphone 3 and 3gs is pretty straightforward and if you are not completely cack-handed it can be done and you can save yourself pounds. I was a complete novice a few weeks ago until I tried it and surprised myself (and my son - lol) with a bit of DIY jiggery pokery.

The first thing you will need is some proper tools and a replacement screen - luckily these guys do it at the best price and the new screen comes with the right tools plus a link to a Youtube video that shows even the most nervous newbie how to do it :
They are fast with delivery too.
Link to the video:
So I won't bore you here with the how to do it stuff just a couple of pointers for how not to do it/ stuff to avoid.

1. Make a diagram on a piece of paper of all the screws you take out and put the screws on the paper - that way when it comes to replacing them you will know where they all go. Some are different lengths to each other and its important !
2. Work on a tray - the screws are tiny and if you drop them they are really hard to find ! At least on a tray they shouldn't go far.
3. Do not touch the inner face of the glass - it is easy to leave finger marks that will only show up when you put the phone back together. If you do touch it or there is dust then clean it before you put it back together.
4. Be really careful when removing the lcd screen from the caddy - it is easily broken and then you will need a new screen as well as the glass. Gently insert a Stanley knife blade between the metal caddy and the screen in a couple of places and ever so gently prise it out.
5.Make sure you remove every trace of the old glue - take your time at this stage as any bit left will mean your new screen will not sit right. Use the edge of a Stanley knife etc.

The Ipod touch is a bit trickier. Some people on Ebay sell just the glass DO NOT BUY JUST THE GLASS as it is impossible to seperate it from the lcd screen. Apple have glued it together and there is no way in hell (I've tried) to take them apart. You will have to buy a screen plus glass together.  That's not all order to access one of the snap on connectors for the screens you really have to take the Ipod apart - the bit you need to get at is under the motherboard.  Its not impossible but its nowhere as easy as the Iphone to repair.

If you have any questions please get in touch - thanks for reading and if its been any help vote yes !

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