Replying to Ebay Email Enquiries

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This particular guide is inspired by some recent replies to me when I have sent off polite requests for information.

I was horrified by what are quite frankly rude replies.

So, how do you email a question in Ebay.. what is the reply email to contain?

Perhaps a little more than the word  "No"


I have just enquired about a postage costing on multiple purchases which were not included in the sellers sale, you are entitled to ask such questions, just as the seller is entitled to say that they do not give discounts however, I was polite as you should be, and put my name and a thank you at the end of the message, it is quite disconcerting to receive a reply that just says .."No".

I looked at the sellers sales count and as there were only a few over a long period of time I doubt the seller was rushed of their feet.

So the message is this:

When enquiring after further information from a seller it is best to greet them first:

Dear "ebay seller to the stars"

(Your enquiry)

Followed by:

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

(Possibly your name or ebay id if you dont wish to divulge your name at this time.)


If you are the Seller and you have received an enquiry about your product, firstly read what is asked of you..yes I have had a number of replies lately where the seller most assuredly didnt read what I had written!

Secondly, reply with more than a cursery "No", I cannot tell you how this would get a potential clients back up and whats more its very likely to loose you that potential sale, especially if someone else is selling a similar item (and thats not difficult these days is it with so many people selling on ebay)

Dear "ebay buyer to the stars"


Thank you for your question, the answer is:.........

(supply answer after having read the question!)

Thank you for emailing me I look forward to hearing from you soon

(your ebay id or name)


How easy is that? or perhaps how difficult is that?

Being curteous has its gains, and being curt  or lazy in replying to e-mails annoys potential customers.....

Think..would you buy from someone that cant be bothered to reply in a proper manner to your email?

As you can gather, I certainly wont be buying from the seller I had emailed.

We are in the 21st Century, just because we are on the internet and therefore faceless, it does not mean that we can be rude by ommission, if you are polite in all your ebay dealings you are more likely to sell items.

Emails are not mobile phone texts, treat them like letters they have a begining and an end, and may bring you rewards in those much desired sales!


Many thanks for reading and I hope this has been of some help.


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