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Reviews and guides should be somewhere that ebay members post honest advice for others to see and help them decide about purchasing items. I have come accross a member with ZERO feedback who is listed as a TOP REVIEWER yet all their reviews are just adverts for sites outside of ebay.

I strongly recommend all ebay members who see such reviews to click on the link at the bottom to report these listings to EBAY who will hopefully remove these reviews and block the people.

Maybe it's worth making a note of someones feedback rating and if they have a very low or zero feedback rating, then their reviews might not mean that much

EBAY will only act if people take the time to report these SCAMMERS, so it's up to everyone else to report them to EBAY either by the link on the page, or if you have a phone contact number for EBAY then ring them and make a noise until action is taken.

I would point out that it is well worth contacting EBAY about these people, I did and was rewarded with a gift voucher for my efforts
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