Reporting Fakes To Ebay

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I have had an EBay account for a number of years but I recently made a purchase which turned out to be a fake :-/

Because it was the first time I had encountered this problem I didn't know what to do. so i have wrote this guide!!

If you've found a counterfeit item on eBay, it's best to report it to the seller first. If it's an item they've bought themselves, they might not be aware it's a fake

If you've a valid claim that the seller won’t resolve, consider raising a dispute through the eBay Buyer Protection process. 

You can also report counterfeit items on the item's listing, by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the 'report item' link. 

My purchase was refunded by eBay through PayPal and was being investigated. 

1) Always check sellers feedback! 
2) If it's too cheap beware!
3) Ask as many questions to the seller as possible about the item to confirm authenticity of the item (especially if you are planning on spending alot of money on an item)
4) Pay through PayPal wherever possible
5) check refunds are accepted on the item if you are not satisfied, check if postage for returns will be refunded as depending on the item's weight, size etc this could be expensive. 

Happy bidding guys !!

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