Researching Your Item that You want to Sell

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Researching Your Item that You want to Sell


I know when I am looking for a certain Item I would like as much information, I can get so I know what I am getting and if it will suit what I need it for. There have been various occasions where I have found an item that I think will fit into my PC and when it has arrived, it was the wrong type so then I had to put that item back on Ebay and find another item, which takes up valuable time.

When I put those Items back onto Ebay I took the time to find out what their model type, specs, compatibility and even found a link with updated drivers for the item, I posted all this information into my listings and I managed to make my money back plus a little, and my buyers were happy with the information provided, and the fact that they got the item that they were looking for.

To find the information about the items, I first went to the manufacturers website to see what information I could dig up and if there was any updated drivers, if I can't find enough information on the manufacturers website I use Google or any other search engine, if you enter the make and model or even the manufacturers code into Google or any other search engine there is a good chance you will find the information you are looking for.

Hope this Helps ;) Thank You for Reading

p.s. if you don't have time to find the information yourself you can ask your fellow Ebayers for Help and I am sure they will oblige if you ask nicely, or even offer an incentive.

I have offered to help members find information on their items in the past and done so.

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