Resident Evil: Deadly silnce - what to expect on the DS

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Resident Evil : Deady Silence (REDS for short) - What you need to know, want to know, and the stuff that'll shed some light into this eerie, creep and well-presented video game thriller slash interactive movie!

What a chance for the big screen to shine on the small screen! Or, should i say, the two small screens! Of course, this is the Nintendo DS re-make of the PS1 version! A classic game re-made but one that leaves the original gaming and style intact!

Resident Evil : Deadly Silence was on the PS1 about 9 years ago and was a huge hit with its greusome action and thrilling story. It also brought an element of mystery and adventure to the series and all of these feelings and attributes are felt at home on the new hand held console from Nintendo! And there is no loss to be seen in terms of graphics, for it feels smooth and fluid and it keeps intact the true feeling of fear and tension that the Resident evil series so greatly provokes!

There are several special features that make Resident Evil on the DS different from the many adventure and action games already on the DS. Firstly, there's the animation, cut scenes, voice acting and story line. In some ways, REDS feels like a cheesy movie with real actor voice acting and movie cut scenes that are realy cheesy, but do provide a good basis to a realy good story line that,as the game goes on, pulls you in and make you want to know more and more about the haunted and eerie mansion that you and your squad are trapped in! You play as either Jill or Brad ((Picture above)depending on which difficulty) and you are part of the S.T.A.R.S. squad. You are sent to find the BRAVO squad and you end up in this apparently deserted yet deadly mansion! You get to use all kinds of objects and weapons such as shotguns and bazookas and the mystery element in the game works well. You need to find items, place them here, open a door, find a key, kill some beast, unlock a new area, find someone...e.t.c. It works well and keeps you entertained, but if that's not enough, there's more than enough fighting and action to satisfy and gamer!

Despite the DS' small screen size and not exactly breath-taking visual capabilities, REDS manages to capture the tense mood and quite scary atmosphere throughout the 7 or 8 hour storyline. There are a few niggles to be had, such as the rare and obscure save points and the camera angles thaat often leave you in the grasp of some acid-spewing zombie, but these can be overcome after an hour or so and the controls feels more than comfortable soon enough!

There are multiplayer options, but both DS consoles need a cartridge. Basically, it's either a fight to the death, or a...fight to death! You fight around the mansion the story takes part in and you can use an array of weapons. It all feels good, but is quite over-shadowed by the enthralling single player.

Now, i know what you're thinking, where does the touch screen come into this. Well, when you start the game, you can either play the game in 're-birth' mode or 'classic' mode. The 'classic' mode is basically an absolute replica of the PS1 version and there's little or no use of the touch screen. However, the 're-birth' mode breathes new life into this game and adds tons of touch screen features from arranging your inventory, to slashing zombies (Pictures) to completing mystery tasks such as using weighing scales and unlocking chests. All of these touch screen add ons feel well placed but ca, at some times, feel somewhat tacked on. However, all of this can be overlooked as the game progresses into one of the best action adventure horror games on the DS and a great addition to any DS owners collection.

My rating, 8.5/10!

Resident Evil : Deadly silence is available now but is quite hard to come about. For a copy of this game, just ahave a look through ebay as you can pick one up for about £15!

I reccomend this game highly, and thanks for reading!

All the Best, Henry (Barneybear9123)
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