Resident Evil Figures Rare Or Common

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Like if this guide is helpful

Hi i have thought of putting this guide to help peaple now the value of Resident Evil Figures

Resident evil 3 Nemisis Palisades is a very rare figure which sells for usally opened for £17 and New goes for £30 up

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Ganadow is a rare figure which usally sells for open £7 up wards but sealed is £17 up wards

Resident evil Biohazard Nemisis part 1 is very rare open goes for over £50 and new over £100

Resident evil Biohazard Nemissis Part 2 is Very Rare open goes for £67 but new over £110

Resident evil Biohazard rebecca is Possibley the rarest in the biohazard series which goes for £80 every time

Resident evil 1 FIGures there first series are rare although open they really sell for less but new about £7 or £9 everytime

Resident Evil Biohazard sets of two figures these are very hard to find but open dont sell for alot sometimes £3 but new they can go for £30 upwards

Resident evil Series 2 palisades are very rare and sell well going for £12 usaully everytime new or used

Resident evil leon varient in Neca series is very rare open can sell for £14 upwards open usaully for £25 to £40

The Newer sets sell for around £12 new but used £3 to £7

Hope this guide helps but all the pricing may change and this is my opinion so if you want to know the price best to check completed listings or do some research on the web


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