Resistor Mods & Power Modules, Don't Waste Your Money!!

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Okay, you're 17 years old & have a bog standard 1.1 Saxo. You're desperate to take on the big boys in their GTi's in the traffic light Grand Prix.

You stumble across these "resistor mods" or "power modules" that claim to give your car an extra 20bhp!!

All these extra horses for a mere £5?? Too good to be true?? Well, YES it is!!

First off, it's a resistor - the sort you can get in any electronic component shop such as RS or Maplin for about 2 pence. Some sellers even try to fool you by putting it inside a "professional" looking plastic box.

It fools your cars ECU into thinking there is cold, dense air going into the engine. Your ECU will adjust the fuel mixture to compensate by advancing the timing & running a richer fuel/air mixture. Okay, you might think you feel a difference, but no - the absolute most you will get is 1-2bhp in the right ambient conditions, which you won't really feel at all. Not only that, prolonged use of this 2p resistor could potentially cost you a new engine... detination, bad idle, stuttering & cutting out... burned pistons & valve seats...

A re-map or "chip" by a reputable tuning company will cost between £250 - £650, depending on the make & model of your car. Pay any less than that, chances are you're not getting the real thing, and could be asking for trouble.

If you value your car or intend keeping it any length of time, leave these £5 resistor mods & power modules well alone - they don't work and could cause severe damage to your engine!

Save up & invest in a re-map by a reputable company who have spent a lot of time & money in Research & Development of their products, and only sell model specific software or chips. 

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Obviously, I'll not be getting any thanks from sellers who make massive profits from this SCAM!!

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