Resolving a dispute using SquareTrade

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You can have a trusted third party mediate a dispute between you and a seller or buyer when you use SquareTrade.

SquareTrade is an eBay recommended service that provides mediation for auction transaction disputes. It allows both seller and buyer to voluntarily work toward a positive solution in a safe, neutral setting.

To start the process, you can file a case through the SquareTrade site for eBay users. SquareTrade then contacts the other party in your dispute and instructs you both how to proceed. All information and communication related to the case appear on a password-protected case page.

The next step is for both parties to try to work out a resolution by communicating with each other using SquareTrade's Direct Negotiation, a free, completely automated web-based tool.

If you and the other party cannot resolve the dispute using Direct Negotiation, you can request a mediator's help. A mediator is a third party who helps both parties work through the issue and focus on a positive solution. If both parties agree, the mediator recommends a solution, and you can resolve the dispute.

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