Restriction of paypal account

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Yet another 'beware paypal' message. I have been trading successfully on ebay for over a year and have kept my nose clean (currently 100% feedback). Last Sunday 21 May it suddenly restricted my account - a 'security measure' apparantly. Paypal asked me to carry out the extended use procedure on my principal credit card but this is impossible to do. Extended use is only possible when a new card is added. Paypal already have two of my credit cards on their system - is that not enough. Having spoken to my bank and credit card companies they say there has been nothing unusual about my card spend. I now am left with 30 overseas customers who can't pay for their items so I am over £1000 down. When I contact paypal I get the same inane message, ie the lights are on but nobody is at home.

I have read other threads whereby sellers have expressed concern at paypals dismissive attitude to merchants. Given paypal is an ebay company and it is us who are paying their fees their attitude must change. In time they won't be the only company to offer secure online financial transactions (no - I'm not talking about Western Union etc). Well as I disatisfied ebay seller and paypal user I shall be keeping my eyes out.

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