Result. I won re negative feeback from sellers

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I recently received negative feedbacks from sellers

I paid in full and because I had a dispute with their goods they left negatives

Why? I paid in full and they are being petty

Can we do anything about this

No we could not but now we can

I have been trading for over 3 years and my policy is to leave positive feeback after payment

It is the right thing to do as the buyer has paid

If you have a problem you can always leave follow up feedback

Can we do something about it

Yes we can

I had a result

After several emails the seller agreed to muntualy withdraw feedback

My reputation restored I am happy again

The sellers

sheardp and mark-hazel are not happy bunnies

They have sent abusive emails to me. Why?

Because they can`t exact petty revenge on buyers any more

Sad for them but a triumph for buyers

Ebay now stops sellers from leaving poor feedback to buyers

I am thankfull to ebay

You do listen

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