Resynchronising a Vauxhall Keyfob

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Once repaired and/or a new battery fitted to most Vauxhall key fobs, if it still fails to operate the locks, the chances are it has lost synchronisation with the car and you WILL need to resync it.
Be aware that this ONLY applies to fobs that were originally programmed to the vehicle either from factory or using 3rd party diagnostic equipment (OPCOM, Tech2 etc). The following WILL NOT allow you to program a second hand or used remote (although they can be added using the aforementioned diagnostic tools)

This procedure is detailed in the owner’s handbook but is replicated here for ease of use.

Sit in the car with the doors closed, the engine stopped and any key removed from the ignition.
Insert the repaired remote key into the ignition and turn the ignition on (turn to position “I” so that the dashboard illuminates) but do NOT start the engine. The vehicle will now be in resync mode and will remain so for 30 seconds.
Press either the lock or unlock button on the remote. At this point the door locks should cycle to indicate a successful resync.
Turn the ignition off and test all the buttons on your remote.
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