Retaliatory Feedback

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Why, when you buy an item and fulfill your part of the contract without fault, can your feedback and reputation be damaged by negative feedback?  See my feedback from "ectownband" to see what I mean. All ebay can say is that they wont remove the feedback and advice was to instruct a solicitor to sue the other party for libel....! Only if/when eBay had received a letter from a solicitor would they even consider removing this feedback.  I could of course agree to mutually withdraw the feedback - but why should I not be honest in the way I conduct business.

I both buy and sell, and when I sell I try and leave feedback as soon as I get paid - it only seems fair. I am now very reluctant however to leave feedback when I buy until I get feedback first.

paulj2001 seems to agree (I suggest you read his guide). His Review

My suggestion if Ebay wont make sellers leave feedback first is to add to the feedback information how many times a seller leaves feedback before the buyer. This could then be shown as a %. Buyers would quickly catch on and start avoiding those sellers with results that are low and would have more trust in those sellers whos statistics show that they leave feedback quickly and fairly.

Whether you are a seller of a buyer if you agree let Ebay know, if you don't then most probably being truthful and making Ebay a safe and fair is not high on your agenda - if you have a better idea why not share it with others.

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