Retro video games consoles -are you playing or collecting?

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For a couple of years now my son has been into retro video gaming. When I first started buying the consoles and games I was actually quite shocked at how expensive they could be. I was also taken aback at the difference in price depending on whether or not the item came boxed, with instructions etc. It seemed mad that I was paying an extra £20+ for a box or booklet!
Now down the line I've realized the difference in price is down to whether you are planning on keeping the console or game packed away in the hope it'll gain value, or if you intend on playing with it and enjoying it. 
If you are planning on being a collector and making money from retro gaming then obviously you want to buy the best quality you can, and make sure it comes with original content and packaging. Then you need to store it away carefully and never ever be tempted to play with it or you risk devaluing the item. On the other hand if you plan on playing the console / game then I wouldn't worry about boxes and booklets etc as its really not worth paying the extra money involved.
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