Return Address

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Many Items I have Brought have not had a return address on them, so what you may cry but I would disagree a return address is just as Important as the main Address.

A book I sent an Item last month that was to wide for a letter Box, so the item went back to the Post Office and a card left, Because the person was on Holiday thay missed the Card so the Item ended up being returned to me WHY? Because I had put on a return Address.

I have since contacted the Ebayer Concerned and are reposting, but if I had not got my address on the Parcel it would of been lost in the Postal system somewhere Resulting in the Ebayer in Question Reporting it Undelivered, Me losing the money for the item and Possibly reciving Bad Feedback.

The Moral of this tail is ALWAYS put a return address on all Items No matter how Much thay cost

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