Returns, Postage Rip Off. what you need to do today!

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Under the distance selling regulations business sellers now have to honour 7 day cooling off periods, the effect of this on business sellers is financially unfair for the following reasons, the seller is held responsible for not only refunding the item in full but also the original postage and packing AND the cost of the return postage. as a result of this the numpty buyers are just buying stuff for fun and then changing thier minds in the knowledge that the seller will have to give them all thier money back and will not be able to leave negative feedback for them even though they are out of pocket and had valuable time wasted

this is exactly what happened to me a customer, 1022bird ordered a personalised Koolart Mug from me, but did not include any instructions with his order, we held the order for 48 hours and emailed him twice to which we got no reply so we made and sent the default order without the personalisation,

5 days after he received it he files a return request with ebay stating he had wanted one personalising but I had ignored his emails which was absolute rubbish and a downright lie, niether Ebay or Paypal have any record of a message to me other than the automated post sale emails non oif which contained the messages he claims he sent,  we sell a couple of thousand personalised items a year, why would we ignore a request if we received it,  we only act on written instructions, as this is the only way to prevent confusion.

So I now have to refund this liar not only the cost of the mug but also the postage we have already paid to the post office, where do they get these mad ideas from, most business sellers would also now find that they are also responsible for the cost of the item returning to them! fortunately this was in the UK but we ship worldwide!

The most important thing a business seller should do today is amend your return policy by adding a simple statement, copy and paste if you wish

In the event of a return for any reason the buyer accepts all responsibilities for the postage and packing costs of the return itself and any replacement item sent.

If you have such a statement then the Numpty has to pay the cost of returning the goods to you, another important point is this, EBAY will encourage you to refund the payment BEFORE you get the return iten back but WILL NOT re-imburse you and you will be left out on a limb if 

1. the goods never arrive,

 2, they arrive back used or damaged,  

so my advice is do not refund until received in satisfactory condition, if the goods do not arrive or are damaged on arrival you are no longer obliged to refund but advise the buyer to submit a claim to the post office and see how they like it.



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