Returns and Refunds-Buyers Rights

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You have rights as a consumer- even on Ebay!

All too often, when I read the feedback scores of sellers with negative feedback, I notice buyers complaining they're out of pocket from returning items that were faulty, not fit for purpose or not as described. This should never have to happen! As a consumer, you have the right to be refunded ALL your costs, INCLUDING the cost of the return postage, if an item is not as described or fit for purpose.

I know it is confusing when things go wrong on Ebay- I have been in that position many times myself. Before I knew my rights I would just open a dispute, follow Ebays recommendation to return the item for a refund and most of the time be out of pocket for the return postage.What I have no learnt is that the seller is responsible for all the buyer's outgoings in such a case and are obliged to refund the return postage. It really is well worth reading up on the distant seller's act- you can find lots of information on the net about that.

When it comes to Ebay, the best way is to try to communicate with the seller, explaining that you know your rights as a consumer and ask them to agree to a full refund including the return postage. If that doesn't work, open a dispute and if the seller still doesn't agree to refund the return postage wait until you can escalate the dispute into a claim. Make sure you keep your deadlines with regards to replying, otherwise you risk the dispute being closed in the seller's favour. When it comes to Ebay finally deciding, they will always rule according to British law, in this case with the buyer.

Please note that this does NOT apply to an item that is not to your liking for whatever reason. Make sure you read up on the subject to get to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!



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