Reusable nappies

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Types of Reusable Nappy!

Below is a description of the different types of reusable nappy!
Two part nappies - a two part system consists of an inner, shaped nappy that catches poop and wee and an waterproof  outer layer. These types of nappy tend to come in several sizes based on weight and will not last from birth to potty. They are often very good for night-time nappy wearing as they can be bulky but are quite absorbent owing to the large amount of absorbent material. Brands such as Lollipop and Little Lamb.
All in one nappies (AIO) - as the name suggests this nappy is a one part system that is very convenient and easy to use. They come in various colours and patterns from companies such as TotsBots. The inner booster (needed to increase the absorbancy of the nappy) comes attached to the nappy and can be pulled out of a pocket to aid washing and drying.
Pocket Nappies - These nappies again come in different colours and patterns and contain a pocket at the back of the nappy to insert a booster (or several for heavy wetters or night time use). They can be bought as a birth to potty nappy meaning you wont need to buy anymore nappies once baby arrives or as sized nappies that are specific to weight. I have tended to find that the pocket nappies fit better once baby is 10lbs+. Companies such as BumGenius are very popular and release limited edition prints quite often.
All of the above nappies can be found with poppers or velcro to adjust the sizing. Putting a reusable nappy on isn't difficult but I found the following video quite useful and following the instruction I found my nappies leaked far less and fit much better!
Flat Nappies - Unlike the above nappies these are not shaped like a disposable nappy. Instead they need folding and The Nappy Lady has some useful tutorials. The flat nappy requires a waterproof outer layer. Flat nappies are particulary good for smaller babies/newborns.
How many nappies?
This depends on how often you plan to wash the nappies! For a newborn that needs changing 8 - 12 times a day you would need 24 reusable nappies based on washing every other day.
How to wash the nappies
New nappies need to be pre-washed before they are at their full absorbancy capabilities.
Washing the nappies should be done at 60 degrees celcsius and using half the amount of detergent to normal. Softener should not be used as this affects the absorbancy of the nappy. I have found Bold is fine or Aldi's washing powder. There is some debate about the use of non-bio detergent vs bio detergent. There seems to be no real answer to which to use. If your baby is particulary sensitive non-bio might be better or perhaps try an eco egg.

Where to buy
There are huge numbers of makes and suppliers of nappies ranging in price. Below is a small list including work at home mums who make bespoke, custom nappies.
Little Lamb
Tots bots
Close parent
The Nappy Lady
Bobas Bounty

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