Reusable nappies or Disposables?

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Before our child came along we decided to use reusable nappies, firstly because the cost overall would work out cheaper and second because we believed it would be a green thing to do.
We bought a Birth to Potty pack which included a load of nappies that you need to fold and covers.  We tried out a few trial sets beforehand and decided on the Bambino Mio nappies.  When baby came along we started out using disposables because of lack of sleep, then after 2 weeks we began using the re-usables.  It was very easy, just make sure you use liners that go in the toilet then the rest goes into the nappy bucket for washing when the bucket is full. 
We bought extra nappy covers so that we could go through more nappies before having to wash them hence saving on washing loads.
When going out for the day we still found it convenient to use disposables, but mainly used re-usables.  For the amount of nappies a baby goes through the cost must be a lot less.
We used the nappies again for my second child, and now they are both potty trained we are still glad that we used reusable nappies.  You can now get all-in-one nappies so less work for you to use re-usables.  I highly recommend using them over disposables.  if you do go down the disposable route I recommend using value brands as they are just as efficient as the expensive well known brands.
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