Reverend and the makers Debuet CD

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The much anticipated release from Reverend and the Makers does not disappoint!

From the opening track; The State Of Things, you are taken on a whirling ride of social attitudes and observations of people who's lives are somewhat familiar to all of us.

The anthemic and rousing Heavyweight Champion Of The World tells the story that we've all heard in the pub of past triumphs and 'nearly made-its' and how life could have bee so good...if only.

The great track Bandits echos so many bread-line lives, tormented by winning  a couple of quid, or not. Finding your way through life with the only highlight being a pub frootie..

18-30 is Benidorm, booze, lobster tans and full Englishes all over.

The rest....

....Well buy the album. If you like a mix of Sheffield rock and a bit of electro thrown in, with witty and direct current observations, do it. You won't be disappointed.

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