Reversing Camera Systems and there uses

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Our company Sells a variety of camera systems for home and vehicular use . We sell wired wireless cmos and ccd and many sellers write guides to boost there items sales .

We sell across the range including  Agriculture , Haulage , Leisure , Commercial Sectors , The reason we sell all types of system is they all have there merits in there given situations.

Cmos Camera with Rca Lead type connectors are handy for Vans , Commercials of a small size , The price is a big seller as many of our customers are looking to buy upwards of 10 systems and cmos kits tend to be atleast 15 % less than ccd , there main criteria is to reduce insurance claims and vehicle damage , The Cmos camera and rca setup give a clear view behind you and thats what matters in this sector , It is soley a reverse aid .

CCD camera setup with Din connector are the best avaiable , these systems use a wire which carries power to the camera aswell as images back to the screen , These systems tend to be used on motorhomes and in the haulage industry , The heavy duty camera suits both fitments and picture quality is crisp and much fuller colour wise than cmos , also the ccd system is less effected by such as car light etc , We find many customers use these as constant rear view systems as teh quality is a joy to look at .Wired systems give more room for usage also , we have systems upto 4 camera with touch screen and split screen setups , these are popular in teh equine transport industry .

Wireless systems do attract interference from pylons etc , But are a great fast simple way to add a system to a vehicle , many state 30 metre range or above but in all our teats we have found beyond 10 metres in real life fitted situation they do not perform well , Although they are ideal for campers and anything running 12v only generally ,

Wired systems do take more time to fit but are worth the work the din connector wires are at home running along a chassis leg as they are water proof so it maynot be the job you first imagined to fit .

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