Review on when Sending Parcel Abroad

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Like if this guide is helpful is an independent company that provides low cost door to door courier service. On their website, we can book the service that we require, and even can pay by paypal. The following day there will be somebody comes to your door for collection. They are either DHL or FedEx. Compared to Parcelforce, DHL and FedEx are very efficient. We have been using FeDex twice sending parcel abroad. Below are the experience that we had and we would like to share with you.

Case 1:

Parcel to China. The provides a step by step instruction on their website, which is very easy to use. On their website, I can even print out the commercial invoices and even the FedEx labels. We have booked for collection on 10pm. The FedEx comes to pick up on 11:35am the day after. After 4 days, parcel delivered on time.

Case 2:

Parcel to USA. We have booked for a collection on Sunday evening. On the following day, I have been waiting till 3pm before I called them up. I told parcel2go there is no one turns up, they assured me there will be someone come over later, and the latest pick up time will be 5:30pm. I rang up FedEx to check, but they cannot check anything without a FedEx reference number. I did not have any FedEx reference number as did not provide me any when I did the booking.

 At about 4:30pm, I did ring up again to ask, and again they assured me somebody will come. At 5pm, I rang up again, and this time, no one pick up the call. On the following day, I rang up on 9am to report a collection failure. Parcel2go again assured me the rebooking. I finally obtained a FedEx reference number (for the second booking) from them.

At 3pm, there was still no one come over. I called up FedEx this time, with the FedEx reference number; I manage to talk to someone who is willing to help me. Initially he just simply told me to wait. When I told him I have been waiting for 2 days, and he double check the booking. He told me parcel2go did not do the booking correctly, and that is the reason why there was no one turned up on the previous day. He cancelled the whole booking, and rebooked a collection in the correct way. And finally the parcel had been collected by 4pm later that afternoon.

Parcel2go is a company where they employed some inexperience staffs. Every time you called up the 0870 number, you need to press the correct buttons to be directed to different department. Eventually you get the chance to talk to human, you still need to be in the queue. However, when FedEx sees the error in the incoming booking, they should solve the problem, maybe calls up the sender or parcel2go. The error in the booking will still be there until somebody solves it.

After all these, we have learnt when we do the booking with parcel2go, we need to ask the FedEx reference number. We need to keep chasing after parcel2go or even FedEx, to prevent any delay.

Please note: on top of the price quoted by parcel2go, you need to pay VAT of 17.5% on all UK and European delivery. For US/ Canada or Asia delivery, there is no VAT, but there is a fuel surcharge which is about 12%. 0870 121 2101

FedEx UK: 08456 07 08 09

Update on 15 December 2007

Recently, I have sent some parcels abroad. After the booking, the parcel2go site had given me a P2G reference number. I then talk to parcel2go online, and asked the situation of my reference number. The operator asked me to wait. I wait for 10 minutes, and he told me the booking has been done. Obviously, he only did the FedEx booking after I talked to him. The FedEx driver came on time, and the parcels arrive within 2 days.

Update on 30 January 2008

Recently I have been using parcel2go for several occasions. Some of them to Europe and some in the UK. The online booking system is very user friendly. The checkout on parcel2go accepts paypal, which is a bonus. The online customer service is quite efficient. DHL and FedEx pickups on time and every single order come with tracking number. Totally Recommended.

Update on 15 August 2008

I have been using for a long time. They are now very reliable. Occasionally they will have special promotion, like price reduction. Be sure you subscribe to their website, which you will hear from them when they have special promotion.

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