Rewind Festival Ticket Buying Guide

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Rewind Festival Ticket Buying Guide

The first Rewind Festival was held in August 2009 and was created after several years of successful one-off 1980s music concerts. Every year, a variety of 1980s pop bands and solo artists are booked for the event; some returning to play at the festival every year. The Rewind Festival provides visitors with a complete experience; they can stay on the festival grounds for the entire weekend of music and enjoy bars, food, karaoke, and rides. Additional attractions include fireworks, aerobatic shows, and stand up comedy.

Buying tickets for the Rewind Festival is a good way to enjoy the late summer. Several types of tickets are available, some of which provide general access to the festival and others provide extra benefits. Learn about the different ticket types before contacting any sellers. If visitors plan to stay in the campsites near to the concert venue, they need to take some camping equipment. A guide book to the local area is a good way to enjoy other fun activities either before or after attending the festival. Tickets for the Rewind Festival can be purchased from the individual venues and third party retailers camping equipment can be found in specialist outdoor shops; and guide books can be bought from bookshops and department stores. All of these festival requirements can also be found on sites like eBay.

Types of Rewind Festival Tickets

The Rewind Festival offers lots of different types of tickets to satisfy a range of visitors. The weekend pass or weekend camping pass gives music lovers general access to the whole festival. It is also possible to get a ticket for just one day. Other tickets offer visitors additional benefits, such as the chance to take a campervan. The table provides a list of the types of tickets available for the Rewind Festival.

Ticket Type

Festival Access


Weekend pass


All day access on Saturday and Sunday

Weekend camping pass


All day access and on-site camping on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Saturday pass


All day access on Saturday

Sunday pass


All day access on Sunday

Campervan pass


Only available with the weekend camping pass

Visitors can take or rent a campervan

VIP pass


Not an admission ticket

Visitors can access the VIP areas

There are separate tickets for children and adults for all of the general access passes. Children under the age of three are admitted for free.

Campervan Pass

The campervan passes are divided into standard campervans and whopping campervans. Standard campervans are under six metres long, while whopping campervans are over six metres long. Take an accurate measurement of the campervan before purchasing a ticket to avoid being turned away at the festival.

VIP Pass

The VIP pass provides access to special areas of the festival, including the VIP bar, VIP toilets, and a VIP viewing garden with indoor and outdoor seating. It is a great option for visitors who want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a close-up view of the concert. Note that it does not allow entry to the festival on its own. It is still necessary to buy a standard festival ticket.

On-Site Camping at the Rewind Festival

When visitors buy the weekend camping pass or the campervan pass, they have access to the campsites set up near the festival ground. While the weekend camping pass does include admission to the entire festival, the campervan pass does not.

Campsites are stewarded 24 hours a day, and have showers and toilets. Visitors are not permitted to start fires, but they can bring camp stoves to heat food. No food or drink from outside the venue is permitted in the festival area, but there are a number of vendors that offer a range of culinary delights. The campsites are usually close enough for visitors to sit and listen to the music without leaving the comfort of their tents or campervans.

Renting On-Site Accommodation

As well as taking camping equipment to the festival, visitors can rent tents, yurts, squirts, tepees, and sleeping boxes from third party suppliers. This means that instead of arriving early to set up accommodation and then having to pack it away at the end of the festival, visitors can rent a tent that is already pitched and filled with the necessary camping supplies. There is a family field set apart in the quietest section of the campsite for visitors with young children.

Locations for the Rewind Festival

The Rewind Festival is held in multiple locations and there are at least two festivals each year. One is typically held at the end of July and one in August. Most of the festivals take place in England and Scotland. Some of the venues that have hosted the festival include Temple Island Meadows, Remenham; Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire; and Scone Palace, Perthshire.

When looking for tickets for the Rewind Festival, visitors need to decide which venue they want to travel to. Check the seller's description of the ticket carefully in order to ensure that the venue and dates are appropriate. It may be necessary to buy travel tickets to the event. Most travel tickets are cheaper if bought in advance, so bear this in mind when calculating the full cost of the festival.

Tips to Buying Tickets to the Rewind Festival

Rewind Festival tickets are sold through many parties. Most sellers are third party vendors that may not sell the ticket at face value, and may add delivery or processing fees.

Know the Date When Tickets Go Up for Sale

Try to find out when tickets for the festival go up for sale. Order them as close to this time as possible to prevent losing out. VIP passes and campervan passes for the Rewind Festival tend to sell out quickly because there are a limited number of spaces.

Buy at the Venue

In order to eliminate extra costs, it is possible to visit the box office of the venue or the festival office directly to purchase tickets. Although this means paying only the face value of the ticket, it requires being there in person.

Buy from Ticket Holders that Cannot Attend

Tickets are often sold by people who are no longer able to attend the event. Buying from these ticket holders can be a good way to save money. The ticket owner may want to recover at least some of the cost of the original ticket, so may sell at a discount, especially close to the date of the festival. On the other hand, if the tickets are already sold out and there is a popular act at the festival, the ticket may then be sold at more than its face value if it is in demand.

Buy on the Day of the Event

Visitors may be able to purchase a ticket at the Rewind Festival entrance on the day of the event. This is because some people simply return their tickets for a refund. If an event is run by a charity, ticket buyers usually get a tax credit for donating their tickets back to the event.

How to Buy Rewind Festival Tickets on eBay

You can find several types of Rewind Festival tickets on eBay, along with the camping supplies to enjoy an outdoor festival. The tickets are easy to find using the search engine, which is available at the top of every page on the site. You can look for weekend passes, or extras like VIP and campervan passes. If you do plan to stay on the campsite, take a tent or rent one that is already pitched at the festival. You may also want to take a sleeping bag, travel kit, and local travel guide.

Seller Reputation

Before purchasing any festival tickets online, check the date and venue in the item listing, and get to know the seller. A seller with a good reputation is always a better choice to purchase tickets from. You can find out about a seller on eBay by looking at the feedback page. Do this by clicking on the seller's name in the listing, which takes you to the comments from previous customers. Look through this feedback to get an idea of whether you feel comfortable using that seller.


The Rewind Festival is a great way to look back and enjoy the best music of the 1980s. Every year, there are at least two festivals in different venues. Several types of tickets are available; some of them can be combined with added benefits. General admission tickets allow visitors access to the festival for the entire weekend or a single day. Camping passes allow visitors access to the campsite over the weekend in addition to admitting them to the festival. The campervan pass allows visitors to take a campervan. There are also third party providers that offer tents, campervans, and other accommodation for festival goers. A VIP pass may be purchased to allow access to reserved areas of the festival.

Buying tickets for the Rewind Festival requires some research. Tickets to popular concerts tend to sell out quickly, which means that buyers may have to resort to purchasing from individual sellers. Check the dates and venue carefully, and note the face value of the ticket. Take the time to research a seller to ensure a positive transaction. A range of Rewind Festival tickets can be bought on eBay.

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